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Gihanga Coffee company Ltd has been established since 2020 by Mr Nkunzimana Jean de Dieu and NGABONZIZA Audace willing to contribute to the country and the love of coffee made him establish Gihanga Company to give the value coffee and make rural farmers chance to get earnings from coffee, he built washing stations and warehouse to keep well those plantations and give advice on how to take care of coffee from the first day until finished “Gihanga” is a Rwandan cultural hero described in oral histories as an ancient king popularly credited with establishing the ancient Kingdom of Rwanda Hence the name"Gihanga Coffee" delivered from.

Our Vision

To be the leading producer and supplier of coffee in all categories and to be respected and acknowledged as the best coffee dealer.

Our Audience

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from coffeeworkers to commercial developers. Renovation and restoration.
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what we offer at Gihanga Coffee Ltd

Coffee beans

Offering high quality Coffee business products(Green Beans Coffee)


Exports of selected sample to Clients

Unique Lots

We offer lots and production to our clients in need..
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